Homemade Pirogi Menu

Following are the types of pirogi we make, and their prices per dozen. All pirogies are packed by the dozen in freezer-type bags and can be frozen. Our pirogi are fully cooked, so all you have to do is heat and serve. Don't forget to take the heating and serving suggestions handout on the counter when you stop in. Since we are sometimes sold out of one or more varieties, it's best to call in advance to find out what we're making to avoid disappointment.

1.Potato & Cheese- Made with fresh potatoes, American cheese, sautéed onions, garlic and spices. Our original and still most popular pirogi!  $8.00

2.Potato- Same ingredients as number 1, but without the cheese. $8.00

3. Sauerkraut- Imported German mild sauerkraut sautéed with onions, garlic and spices, and mixed with a small amount of mashed potato. $8.00

4. Pot Cheese- Cottage cheese, ricotta cheese and farmer cheese mixed with egg and a little sugar. Sounds sweet, but it isn’t. Use them for the main meal or fry them and top with fruit or syrup for a delightfully different breakfast. $8.00

5. Pot Cheese & Potato- We make them the same as our number 1, but we use cottage cheese, farmer's cheese and ricotta cheese instead of American cheese. $8.00

6. Broccoli- Made with steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, American cheese, sautéed onions and spices. First rate flavor. $8.00

7. Spinach- Same ingredients as the broccoli pirogi, but made with spinach instead of broccoli. $8.00

8. Pizzarogies- Just like little pizza pockets! Made with mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce, prepared with garlic, herbs and spices. The best pizzarogies on the planet! $8.00

9. Prune- Made with real California prunes, not the paste or lekvar. Nothing artificial. $8.00

10. Cheese & Apricot- Our pot cheese recipe mixed with apricot pie filling. Smooth and sweet, but scarcer than the white rhino. Call first. $8.25

11. Sweet Cabbage- Fresh cabbage sautéed with onion, garlic and spices, then mixed with a small amount of mashed potato.  Superb flavor, demand often exceeds supply. Call first. $8.00

12. Broccoli & Spinach Royale- Something very special. Made with broccoli, spinach, ricotta cheese, mozzarella and fresh grated parmagiana. Your ears will wiggle. $8.25

13. Blueberry- Discontinued

14. Apple- Apple turnover filling in pirogi. $8.25 Excellent fried and served with ice cream.

15. Pirogi Dinner- Delicious microwavable entrées made with pirogi, real butcher shop kielbasy, and our homemade sautéed onions. They make a great hot lunch at work, or a dinner when time is short. $8.50

Special Mushroom- Mushrooms sautéed with onions, deglazed with Burgundy wine  and finished with mascarpone. So delicious they’ve developed a cult following. Frequently sold out.  $9.00

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