Driving directions to Homemade Pirogi

Getting to Homemade Pirogi is EASY! One of the first considerations in choosing our present location was how easy was it to get to? Following are directions from various places. I think I've covered all areas. If you get lost, or I forgot a region, just call. We haven't lost anyone yet!

Google map to Homemade Pirogi

The photo above shows the view as you drive down Main Ave. toward Passaic. Click on "Google map to Homemade Pirogi" and then the picture of the building and you will get the Street View, where you can navigate up and down the street to see exactly where we're located!   

Note the driveway next to the Scheidemann Agency. That's where you go to park behind our building, if necessary. If you come in the morning before 10am, there's usually parking in front. Now for the directions...

FROM CALIFORNIA, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA and other points west: Take Interstate 80 East to Exit 53, Rt. 46 East. About 6 miles down you'll come to Clifton and there will be three traffic lights in a row. Stay in the right lane. After the 3rd light (Day St.) the highway forks, with Rt. 46 going to the left, and Piaget Ave. going to the right. You want Piaget Ave. You'll see a green sign that reads "Piaget Ave, Main Ave, Botany Village" with an arrow pointing the way. Take it. The 2nd light is Main Ave. Make a right and we're a block and a half down on the right.

FROM THE GSP NORTH: Take the Parkway North to Exit 154. That puts you on Rt. 46 East just before the first traffic light in Clifton. Follow above directions to get to the store.

FROM THE GSP SOUTH: Take the Parkway South to Exit 157. Follow the signs for Rt. 46 West.(Stay in the right lane) After going around, up, over and down the new overpass, you'll see an array of large green signs. The one on the left is for Rt. 21 South. Stay to the left onto Rt. 21 South, and once there, make sure you're in the right lane to prepare to exit. Take the FIRST exit, Exit 14 (Lexington Ave.) which is only about a hundred feet down on the right. This will put you on Lexington Ave. by the Hot Grill. The next light is Piaget Ave. Make the right onto Piaget Ave. and go to the third light which is Main Ave. The White Castle will be on the corner. Make a left onto Main and find us a block and a half down on the right.

FROM ROUTE 3 WEST (NYC from Tunnel and NJ places east of us near Rt. 3: Take Route 3 West to Rt. 21 North to exit 13 (Ackerman Ave.)Make a left onto Ackerman Ave. go under Rt 21 and make a right at the next light onto Cheever Ave. This will turn into Clifton Ave., which starts at the next light at Sacred Heart Church. Take Clifton Ave. to Main Ave., make a right and find us a few blocks down on the left.

FROM I80 WEST (NYC from GWB and towns near I80): Take I 80 West to exit 59 (Market St. Paterson) Go past Paterson Rod and Gun Club and make first left onto Lakeview Ave. You'll be going up a long hill. Take Lakeview Ave. to light at Piaget Ave. which is a few lights down. Make right turn onto Piaget. Go to next light which is Main Ave. at the White Castle. Make left turn, we're a block and a half on the right.